The Decision to Sell My Business

Deciding to sell a business you have founded, nurtured, and grown can be agonizing or liberating.  Owners choose to sell their businesses for many reasons, from retirement to a hope that new management can turn a greater profit.   If you're considering a business sale, you may need help in determining the best time to sell.   Obviously you'd like to sell your business when market demand is high.   During a national recession, or a more localized downturn in your geographical area or business sector, you may want to gauge whether it's worthwhile or possible to wait until things improve.  Other factors that can help you decide when to sell include changes in the neighborhood, the health of your business, interest rates, and industry trends.

Understanding the steps involved in selling your business can help you make a better decision about when and how to go about it.  If you're interested in learning more about the process, please call the office at 208-336-8000 or contact us by submitting the form below.

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