"We very much enjoyed working with Brent Bungard from Arthur Berry & Company.   Brent was focused, informed and professional in working with us to sell our business and property.   Brent was concerned with helping us find the right fit and maximize the value of our sale.   He was patient and knowledgeable, always available and ready to answer any concerns.   We would definitely go to Brent again if we had any property to sell in the future."
    - John Turner, Turner's Sportfair and Turner's Lounge (June 2018)

"We just completed the sale of our business for about $850,000.   We had asked that the sale be handled discreetly. Brent Bungard worked with us as we had requested, visited our business physically, helped us along in the process and kept us informed every step of the way from start to finish.   The journey was good, the destination was satisfying.   I had the business for sale with another broker for about one year before Brent got involved and during that year we felt that the broker did not help us in any of the ways that Brent did.   Brent went hunting for prospective buyers, advertised in areas I'd never heard of, promoted our business in every way possible and kept promoting our business with anyone who showed interest in it.   I know that this isn't true, but Brent made us feel like we were his only client as he worked the sale and as he kept us abreast of his progress continuously.   I would recommend Brent to anyone wanting to sell their business."
    - Joe and Sherry Chapman, Konkolville Motel (January 2018)

"Art, I want to thank you and express my gratitude for your hard work and effort for McCall Industrial.   Your gentleness and consideration for all involved shows a lot of kindness and professionalism.   Please pass my gratitude on to the office as a whole."
    - Stephanie McCall, McCall Industrial Supply (April 2016)

"Dear Brent (Bungard): I wish to express my appreciation for your success in selling the liquor license when we closed our hotel. You obtained a good buyer who proved to be well qualified to have the license. You handled our special needs very professionally."
    - David R. Ross, General Partner, Rodeway Inn Boise (April 2015)

"We would recommend Arthur Berry & Company, and especially Bill Spofford. Bill put a lot into this project over an extended period of time and was most helpful in suggestions to improve our chances of selling.   He was very helpful in explaining how the process worked, what we needed to do at each step and what everything meant.   We never worried that confidential information wouldn't be handled properly.   He always put us first in times that it would have been in his best interest to do something differently.   Bill was available at a moment's notice, whenever there was a conflict or question of any type, and very good at helping to resolve anything that came up."
    - Ron Grover and Kevin Hicken, Sellers of Shortstop Market (April 2014)

"To Whom It May Concern: I would recommend Ron Winkler of Arthur Berry & Company to be your selling agent.   He is a very personable and professional man.   He conducted the sale of my Commercial building in a professional manner and answered any questions I had.   He traveled from Boise, Idaho to Burns, Oregon (200 miles) when I was to meet with the buyers.   I appreciated that extra time that he put in.   I would not hesitate to have him as my agent again. "
    - Patricia B. Wagner, Burns, Oregon (March 2013)

"Dear Dave [Norris]: I wanted to write you and let you know how impressed we were with the professional way you helped us sell our business.   It was always a pleasure working with you and your attention to the details helped us to feel completely comfortable with the whole process.   We were particularly surprised at how many people you brought over to see the business.   You gave the business excellent exposure and we felt that your fee was well worth the work that you did.   I would highly recommend Arthur Berry & Company if you are either selling or buying a business.   Without them, I'm sure we would not have got such a good price and found a suitable buyer to take over a cherished business that we ran for 20 years.   Thank you and let me know if you would like me to talk with any of your prospective business sellers. "
    - Jim and Cindy Sparling, Cartridge Connection (October 2011)

"Our firm retained Arthur Berry & Company to prepare an evaluation of the value of an accounting firm to be presented in arbitration.   Mr. Berry also provided expert witness services in support of the evaluation and in support of our position in the arbitration.   The overall services provided by Arthur Berry & Company were outstanding.   The Evaluation was thorough, concise and well-supported by standards of the accounting industry and professional practices in general.   Mr. Berry's testimony was equally authoritative.   He was well-informed and easy to understand.   Ultimately, his testimony proved to be unimpeachable, and he was very instrumental in our obtaining a favorable result for our client. "
    - Isaac Keppler, Capitol Law Group, PLLC (January 2011)

"This [valuation report] looks great.   I can see arguments both for higher and lower valuations.  Your conclusion seems quite reasonable.   A few more years of solid performance and it appears we will reach a very different conclusion about our worth.   Your report is not only very informative and helpful, but also a shot in the arm.   Thanks again for your thorough, professional work and rapid response.   I look forward to our paths crossing again."
    - Jon Moses, Principal & CEO, MD Review (August 2010)

"I wanted to take a moment to thank your company and specifically Lenny Nelson for his diligent efforts in assisting me during my recent quest to purchase a homeowners association management company.   I found Lenny to be persistent in his pursuit of a company that would fit my needs, but at the same time always careful to put my interests as his client first.   His honesty and "tell it like it is" attitude were refreshing and a pleasure to work with.   Although our efforts to purchase a business ultimately did not come to fruition, it was time well spent as I have found in Lenny a trusted ally and a solid resource.   I will not hesitate to utilize your company and Lenny in the future should I again have a need for business brokerage services."
    - Tim Dublin, Boise, ID (July 2010)

"This follows-up on a recent mediation involving one of your receivership clients.   You requested me to conduct the mediation in order to resolve a major dispute among parties with competing economic interests.   The mediation succeeded, in large measure because of your obviously extensive preparation, your insights into the true needs of the disputing parties, and your ability to communicate with your clients about the economic risks of going forward with litigation.   Your background in business and in law, and your perspective on economic realities, in my view, provides you with unique qualifications as a receiver of troubled business enterprises.   It was my pleasure and privilege to work with (Art Berry)."
    - John Magel, Attorney, Elam & Burke, Boise, ID (June 2010)

"When we were considering Art Berry as receiver for our 20 unit townhouse project, Art's resume of Real Estate, Law, Business Management, Banking, and Brokerage indicated that he has a unique skill set.   In practice Art has shown that he can effectively apply all areas of his skill set in a practical and effective manner.   Art's organization is highly productive and staffed with very experienced and proactive individuals.   Lastly but most importantly Art has great energy and drive to push all aspects forward in a timely manner.   I would be happy to provide any feedback on Art or his organization for potential future receiverships."
    - Brian Kondeff, Vice President, Idaho Trust Bank, Boise, ID (April 2010)

"It is my pleasure to recommend the service of Art Berry to your institution.   I have had the pleasure of observing Art's outstanding experience and performance in the areas of acting as receiver/trustee, business valuations and problem loan resolutions over the last several years.   In particular, over the last several months, Art has acted as the court appointed Receiver for a multi-million dollar townhome project in Boise, Idaho.   The development was funded by a loan originated by Idaho Trust and includes three other participant banks.   The receivership was originated at the request of Idaho Trust in order to affect the completion and sale of the development units.   The case has required the ability to deal with outstanding litigation with contractors, vendors and homeowners associations.   It has required a knowledge of the construction industry, litigation strategy, real estate development and sales, employment of contractors and engagement of real estate brokers.   In every facet, Art has demonstrated a highly effective and timely style to resolve this problem credit.   It is without reservation that I recommend Art Berry to you."
    - Thomas Prohaska, President, Idaho Trust Bank, Boise, ID (April 2010)

"Art Berry is serving very successfully as a receiver in a troubled real estate project with which we are involved as a lender.  The project is a 23 unit live/work townhome development in Boise, Idaho, near the riverfront. Twenty units were unsold and no sales had occurred in the 18 months prior to Art's appointment in mid February 2010.   Art brought a great deal of energy, wisdom and solid decision making to our project and I have no doubt he will attack whatever assignment given him with the same vigor, enthusiasm and wisdom.   ...I can think of no one I would give a higher recommendation than Arthur Berry."   Read More...
    - V. Joseph Herman, Executive Vice President, First Security Bank & Trust Company, Norton, KS (April 2010)

"I wanted to thank you for the excellent presentation you gave our Family Law section last week.   We appreciated your explanation of the various methods of business valuation favored and not favored by the courts, and your insight on questions lawyers should be asking experts in this area.   We also appreciated your analysis on recent developments in Idaho family law regarding professional goodwill.   I think it is always helpful when an expert witness speaks the same language as the attorney who hires him.   I know that I will keep your information handy for future reference, as I am sure my colleagues will do as well.   I look forward to working with you sometime again."
    - Mary Shea Huneycutt, Attorney at Law, Pocatello, ID (March 2010)

"Thank you for the opportunity to work with you on the Trade Plaza Development project in Meridian, Idaho.   I appreciate your professionalism and dedication to getting this project through."
    - Lance Warnick, P.E., Aspen Engineers Chartered, Nampa, ID (September 2009)

"As co-owner of a $30M food processing sales company, I was extremely impressed with the creative and professional manner in which Art Berry generated three "competitive bid offers" which resulted in a very positive outcome in a difficult sale of 50% of my company..."
    - Bill Cyr, Nampa, ID (March 2009)

"Thanks so much for your tough representation of me.   You were a huge help.   I so appreciate your knowledge, friendship and your great help when I needed someone to take on the hospital.   I shall not forget."
    - Mike Coughlin, M.D. (March 2009)

"Attached is a letter requesting cancellation of our Agreement.   After some soul searching on our part, we have decided to stop looking for a partner.   It has been a pleasure working with you and Bill (Spofford).   GW (Equity) has lived up to our agreement and I would not hesitate to recommend your services to anyone."
    - Best Regards, C. Peterson (August 2008)

"Thank you for your great work.   (My clients) and I have been very pleased.   Furthermore, I have greatly enjoyed our working relationship and look forward to working with you in the future."
    - James M. Kennedy, Kennedy & Kennedy LLP (February 2008)

"I would like to thank you for your services in the recent sale of our business, Foot Solutions of Idaho Falls.   The Arthur Berry Company was recommended to us by a friend.   We are happy to say we were not disappointed.   Your agent, Bill Spofford, was very thorough in the initial assessment of our business.  ....I give my highest endorsement to the Arthur Berry Company for anyone considering buying or selling a business."   Read More...
    - Charles F. Call, DPM, Foot Solutions (September 2007)

"Mr. Berry, please accept the Court's deepest appreciation for the hard work that you put into (undisclosed) vs. (undisclosed).   I was not aware that you would wide up being a mediator in the case but I certainly appreciate the hard work you put in and the professionalism that you brought to the case.   Without participation by someone with your expertise, this case could have turned into an extremely taxing and expensive endeavor for the parties.   Needless to say, if the Court ever has a case in which your professionalism is required I will certainly not hesitate to appoint you.   Thank you once again."
    - Robert M. Taisey, Magistrate Judge, Idaho Third Judicial District Court (November 2005)

"I had the pleasure of working with Art Berry, and his company, Arthur Berry & Company, over the course of the past two years.   Art Berry was retained by my firm as an expert witness in a complex business dispute, wherein he provided expert services and testimony regarding the valuation of a privately held company engaged in the software business for the health care industry.   The issues presented were complex, and the documentation and factual circumstances surrounding his engagement gave rise to numerous challenges.  ...If I have any future need for an expert witness in the area of business appraisal or evaluations, I would not hesitate to retain Art Berry."   Read More...
    - William E. von Behren, Attorney, Meserve, Mumper & Hughes LLP (December 2003)

"Mr. Berry, all of us at Hall Farley extend to you and your firm sincere appreciation for a job well done. We are pleased with the terms of the new lease and appreciate your diligence working on our behalf. We will be delighted to refer our friends and clients to your firm. It has been a pleasure working with you and Randy Limani."
    - Joyce B. Wilson, Hall Farley Oberrecht & Blanton, PA

"Thank you very much for your excellent help. I view this as a complete victory. It is gratifying that we recovered judgment. I look forward to future work with you."
    - Richard H. Greener, Attorney, Cosho Humphrey Greener & Welsh, PA

"It is my opinion that the analysis by Arthur Berry contained the most reasoned and factually supported approach, and therefore I would adopt his testimony..."
    - Robert C. Huntley, Arbitrator, Former Idaho Supreme Court Justice

"Arthur, I enjoyed working with you and will certainly seek your assistance again in the future if the need arises."
    - Benjamin Neilsen, Attorney, Loveless, Neilsen & Loveless

"Mr. Berry, I would first like to congratulate you and your company on an excellent web site - it has been extremely useful in getting a handle on how to assess the worth of a company. Thank you for your help."
    - Jim Biss, Assistant Treasurer, Air Products PLC

"...This sale/purchase has been like pulling teeth as we're sure you will agree. Your firm, yourself, your office staff and especially Mr. Ronald Winkler, remained professional, helpful and ethical throughout this ordeal, which was the main reason we stayed the course and saw this through. We truly appreciate all the effort you put forth for us and our corporation. Mr. Winkler especially deserves special mention. From day one, he conducted himself in a totally professional and ethical manner. He represented your firm in an exemplary manner and was totally straight-forward and honest and never once did he insult our intelligence or try to guide our decisions by giving us 'legal advice.'   He simply told it like it was. Without your reputable firm behind us, we would have thrown up our hands in disgust and declared a 'sale fail' and walked away. We are confident we will be successful in our new business."
    - Stanley and Suzanne Schoonover, SASSE Inc.

"When a former college marketing professor lists a business, what does he hope to receive from the broker?   Answer: Exactly what we received from Arthur Berry & Company!   From the outset, I was impressed with (Art Berry's) analysis and valuation.   Your packaging of the business created a very professional image, and your advertising was right on the mark.   Furthermore, you delivered a qualified buyer within 60 days and stayed close to the transaction right through to the closing.   I don't know what else one can ask for...   Thanks for the great service."
    - Walt Bader, The Bader Company (July 1998)

"Art, I recently worked my way through the appraisal that you prepared at my request. I want to thank you for your diligence in meeting our time requirements. I know that you put many hours of work into the project and I very much appreciate your help. I feel very confident that the job was exceptionally well done and is quite complete. Thank you for being a professional I can count on."
    - Jean Cenarrusa, Boise, ID

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